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Body Band

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  Take your workouts to the next level with (GOWAYS INDUSTRY) BODY BAND. 

With these total body bands you can go in any direction! You no longer have to go to the gym because you just use them at home! 

Be creative and create YOUR dream body!

What to use for?

The resistance bands are easy to use for ao; fitness, yoga, cardio, physiotherapy, strength training, at home, on vacation or in the gym! 

They can be used to activate different muscle groups such as the glutes and hamstrings. 

They are designed to provide UNIFORM resistance during leg exercises and to train at your personal resistance level.

The advantages:

. Durable material

. Set of 3

. High quality

. Dont slide roll during your workout

High quality

The materials used for the resistance bands will not cause any irritation or reaction to the skin. 

The resistance bands do not slip or roll up like many latex sports bands sold in the market. 

They retain shape and elasticity over time.